Sony Grand Wega KDF-55XS955 Screen Flickering and Multiple Image


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This post I am sure is a flash from the past on, for the most part, long since forgotten Sony TV technology. I have a 2004 Sony Grand Wega KDF-55XS955 TV, with matching Sony TV stand. The issue I am having is that the display or screen constantly flickers from black to picture (very quickly) and when the screen flickers back to the picture, there seems to be multiple images of the same display rendered, offset to being square on the screen. For example, if there is nothing plugged into an input and the top left corner shows which input is selected, when the screen flickers, the input will be shown in the lop left corner and the input text box will flicker randomly in the middle of the screen as well. This happens on all inputs, and it happens on the TV menu screens, so I know it is an internal issue, not an input issue.

First, I suspected the bulb ballast was going bad. I have read that a bad bulb can make a ballast go bad, and that a bad ballast can made a bulb go bad. So I replaced the bulb with a genuine Phillips bulb and the ballast with a Sony new-old stock ballast. This did not change anything at all.

With the back cover off, I turned the TV on to test if there may be any loose connections to the light engine / optical block. There are 3 wiring harnesses going to the optical block. When looking at them from the rear of the TV, they are oriented as a left, middle, and right connector. Right connector is labelled in descending order: GND, +6.5V, +6.5V, GND, +17V, GND. When I unplug this the screen goes completely white. Middle connector is labelled in descending order: GND, GND, +3.3V, +3.3V, GND, GND, +3.3V, +3.3V, +3.3V, GND. When I unplug this the screen goes completely white.

Now the left connector is labelled in descending order: WP-LUT, WP-C, SCL, SDA, GND, BUSY, MUTE, GND. When I unplug this connector, the flickering and multiple image rendering completely stops, and the image appears to be displayed as it should. At first glance, the picture seems good, but I have not really tested it as far as watching any TV. I am sure that Sony did not randomly put this connection here and that it serves a purpose for the picture rendering. I checked the other end of this connection at the main board, and reseated it, but this did nothing. SO THE QUESTION: Does anyone know what this connection is and what it does? And any idea what might be causing this issue with the information that I have provided or any fix suggestions? I know how to get in the service menu, but I have not been able to find information as to what the different settings or menus are.

Also, as some background, I know many people who owned these TVs have thrown them away, and I am sure many will say that it is not worth to repair this TV. I am also aware that there was a class action law suit against Sony for the optical block issues with these TVs, meaning that there are well known issues with them. The TV is used in the basement. I could easily replace this TV with a 4k flat screen like the rest of the TVs in the house. I just do not see the need to throw the TV and the stand in the dump if I can possibly repair it. I would rather see it repaired if I can do so myself than go to waste, the TV went for a MSRP of $4000 in 2004 plus the cost of the stand.


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I should also mention, when I enter the Diagnostic Menu (not the Service Menu) via Display, 5, Vol -, Power, there are no errors on the SELF CHECK. Those checks are: 1 LAMP ERR, 3 LAMP COVER, 4 FAN-E/TEMP-E, 5 LAMP DRIVER, 6 LowB-ERR, 7 Audio-Prot, 8 D-OVP, 10 ATSC-OVP, 101 WDT. Each of these items display a '0' value.

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