Sony gone in the clouds - help on what next?


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I know a wait for Black Friday may be a wise move but....had a kitchen extension done and shifting old Sony KDL42" with major clouding issues into new Kitchen where premier viewing will not be required and need to replace it with ??

Have a wide lounge with several windows and after reading the guides, looks like an IPS would probably foot the bill, watch a lot of golf, rugby, footy and bike racing as well, on top of the standard netflix, a bit of gaming but nothing too heavy.

Budget is around the £600 - £800 mark. 55" is about the limit to fit comfortably on the chimney breast, looked at the Philips 58" would just fit but it's a VA panel.

I have Costco membership and have kind of short listed to

- Sony KD55XH8196BU £649 (the 8096) is same price at Currys but struggling to identify the difference.
- LG 55NANO906NA £799
- LG 55UN81006LB £529

Samsung models are so confusing and not many 55's around. any Samsung recommendations would be welcome.

I have read through the recommendations in the "Which TV to buy" but most in the list are no longer available.

Any help and advice much appreciated.


Lots of sport and wanting an IPS panel I'd target Sony's mid range TVs. Last years XG85 series if you can still find one, since it won't be expensive compared to new 2020 stock.

If shopping from 2020 then Sony's replacement is the XH85 series but its probably over budget currently.

Otherwise the choice really is between A. Sony 60hz models like the XH81/XH80 series you picked out. These are usually more than good enough for people who want good motion, but not quite as good as there TVs running 120hz panels. B. LGs 120hz models like the Nano series that you also picked out. These do have 120hz panels at a cheaper point than Sony's 120hz TVs, but they also have less renowned motion processing so its hard to compare which is better, a 120hz LG or 60hz Sony. C. Go for the cheapest- a 60hz LG which is probably fine for most people, but the worst of the bunch if you know you'll be critical with motion.

Don't be tempted to stick only to Costco, sometimes the deals may be better elsewhere. Although right now its hard to recommend any 2020 model because prices are so high.

All 58" TVs use VA type panels.

Worth noting if you were to buy at a better time potentially you'd be getting close to a TV like the Samsung Q85T in budget which is a much better all-round TV than what you can buy presently for £800. That kind of deal you'd be looking at waiting longer than Black Friday though, probably spring or so next year.

Sadly its a bad time to buy right now, prices are high and your money won't go very far, with a limited budget that means HDR is practically a no-go on a new TV, and future proofing is next to impossible currently.

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