Sony Gigajuke (NASE35HD) or Squeezebox Duet + NAS + Onkyo (HTX-22HD)


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I'm looking for a new audio set up for my bedroom, to replace my ageing Sony CMT-CP33MD.

I'm looking for something that can play either DAB or internet radio, store my mp3 collection (about 50gb) and connect to my PC for the odd bit of gaming.

The way I see it I have two choices either the Sony Gigajuke which has a DAB radio and an inbuilt 80gb HDD or the the alternative combo of the Squeezebox Duet, a NAS that supports Squeezecentre and the Onkyo (HTX-22HD).

I'd prefer not to have the PC on whilst just listening to music that's why which ever I go I'll need something with a HDD.

Now I relaise the second option has the potential for much better sound quality, but it's going to cost me about twice as much (it'll be around £500ish). My question is will it produce a noticeable difference given that I'm mostly going to listening to relaitvely 'low quality sources' -- 128/192kbs mp3s and internet/DAB radio?


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go with the squeezebox if you haven't already?
Did you try the Onkyo. I am thinking of getting that too? How is it with music?

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