Sony FX66 - 'smart' mode question

Joe Pineapples

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from reading threads on here, there seems to be 2 ways in which most tv's handle their auto-resizing for different aspect transmissions

1. Exactly whatever the broadcast was intended to be shown in - ie 16:9/14:9/4:3 - the latter two, with black bars either side, of increasing size.

2. A mode which fills the screen no matter which of the above modes the program was filmed in - giving distortion of varying degrees.

Can anyone tell me which camp the FX66 falls into (with a skydigital connection)?



Joe Pineapples

Distinguished Member
(damm this forum is popular ;-)

no fx66 owners out there with skydigital?

anyways, i personally think at this end of the market they should have put both mode options in, described.


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All Sony W/S TVs have the following modes

WIDE for Digital BBC and Anamorphic DVD
14x9 for semi letterboxed Analogue BBC
4x3 for 4x3 stuff
SMART for 14x9 or 4x3 zoomed to 14x9 then edges stretched to fill screen

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