Sony FWD-42PX2 pro plasma


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Anyone tried it ?

- Should be a sharp competitor to the Panny PHD

Dominic Rooney

Yes, I bought one a month ago. My first big screen. My choices here (Cape Town) were fairly limited in the price range I was ready to spend and the other choices were of somewhat dubious provenance. It was the name, size, eing plasma and price that swung it for me.

Am a little hazy about HDTV compatibility - the manual talks about it and it has the DVI-HDCP port - but it's not really an issue here as there are no HD sources here in the near future.

The screen works pretty well, to my inexperienced eye. It was very bright on whites initially but this seems to have settled down (or I adjusted the problem away). Viewing the picture can be distracted by reflections if there's a lot of ambient light, such as during the day or if lights in the room are positioned unsuitably. Don't know if this is a unique or general problem.

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