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I would love some help with choosing a Sony Dvd. My buget is no more than £300, Iwant a sony new or 2nd hand. My choices seem to be the 305,700, 705, 725, and the odd older model. I intend to buy a new amp/receiver also, but don't know which Dvd to opt for.


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I've heard the older DVP 900 is better specified than its revised newer sibling the 905, so with Richer doing this player for £199 (multiregion I think) it would seem the best choice mate.

Hope thats helps:)


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i think richer sounds no longer have any 900`s im not 100 percent sure but check first mate.if they dont you can always get one from the place i got mine it`s £289 with next day delivery rce proof an auto region switching.good luck an hope this helps also they only have them in silver


I'd avoid Sony DVD players if I was you.

I paid around £550 for a Sony DVP-735D, 2 years ago after just over a year it started having trouble reading discs. Over the last year, it has got gradually worse.

Sometimes the picture breaks up and the sound drops out which it recovers from, after a few seconds. Other times, it will jump to another chapter or get the dreaded C:13:00 message.

C:13:00 means dirty disc but can also be a symptom of laser failure. Some on here mentioned a lawsuit in the USA over Sony DVD players and their laser problems. Rather than pay £100 for it fixing, i'm buying a new player.

Try searching on here for "C:13:00"

My next DVD player will be a Philips 963SA.


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I'm quite happy with my 700, the newer 705 has removed the second scart socket that I use to loop through my set top box.


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Just to balance 735 review, Ive had mine a while now (since it came out) use it on a regular basis and no problems at all. It has not been modified.

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