Sony FQ75 and Pioneer Home cinema Incompability?????



I have my FQ75 for about six months now and a Pioneer HTD1 home cinema system (5disks, radio, amplifier and 5.1 set of sound system,)Well first I have to say that I also have this problem with the picture, is out of focus in the left side which becames worst when it gets signal from scart.But lately I am dealing with another problem concerning my Pioneer.When playing a DVD the picture is almost perfect ( despite defocusing on the edges) but only for a period of 1(ONE) hour .After that it is only black and white . if I shut down the home cinema and light it up again it regains the colour but only for a couple of minutes and then back to black & white.I had my Pioneer checked on Pioneer service Dept and also worked perfectly on other TV sets .I have send the TV back to SONY for checking and waiting for answer.If I discover anything I will post it here so everybody knows and doesnt make a similar mistake.

Its a pitty though because at first glance Fq75 seemed to bea fine TV set....

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