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Sony - Firewire Plays in fast forward :(

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Editing Forum' started by Lurch_uk, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Lurch_uk


    Products Owned:
    Products Wanted:
    Quick spec check first:
    Sony DCR-TRV460E digital 8/ Hi-8 camcorder
    P4 2.4Ghz Win xp pro (sp2)
    512mb ram
    190gb free drive space
    Software: You name it, i have paid for all the usual suspects, Ulead / pinnacal etc etc
    Cam - Pc Connection is via 4-to-6 pin firewire cable.

    When trying to firewire the video of my sons Karate tournaments to the HD they always playback at 1.5 / 2.0 times normal speed (like play with the FF button held down)

    Now i have used the god awful excuse for video editing software that sony bundle with the camcorder. THAT plays back 100% fine on the PC, but covers the sound with quite possibly the worse excuse for music i have heard (hell, it makes the spice girls sound good).

    Without unplugging ANYTHING, if i then try to use Ulead/pinnacle etc - i end up with video as discribed above - now i dont have that much hair left as it is, and this is making the (hair) problem FAR worse.

    Could any kind soul PLEASE point me in the right direction before i put this camcorder/pc into low earth orbit?

    Many thanks


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