[Sony FDR-AX53] Strange recorded video. How can this be explained?


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Hi guys!

Question for you! Can't really explain the following:

Sometimes I am random skywatching, playing with my Sony FDR-AX53. A short while ago I was following an airliner, in the night sky. Nothing special at all. But when playing back the recorded video, I found out that this plane was flying past a big star, but surprisingly not fading the starlight at all!
  • Can this be declared, that the recording of the Sony FDR-AX53 compared with reality, is too slow and lagging?
  • Or is something that can be found in the lens or other camera specifics, maybe combined with dark scenery?
I'd really like to find out! Can you help solving this riddle?

This is the Youtube video I've made with the original footage:


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It looks like the star light is interrupted briefly by the wings, but was not occluded by the body of the aircraft.

If the aircraft was flying at 500mph, then that's more than 230 metres per second, so the interruption of the star light will be less than 1 frame for the 2m width of the wing.
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