Sony EV-S1000E Hi8 VCR - Power problem


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To transfer my old Video8 tapes to digital format I bought a Sony EV-S1000E VCR. I set the time etc and left it on standby overnight and it seemed to want to work. However, this morning there was a heavy rainstorm (so severe it blocked out my Humax satellite receiver signal) and then the wind caused a power outage. The settings on the VCR were lost, of course but when power came back the clock on the VCR was flashing, showing '0.00'. The storm continued so I removed the plug from the power socket to protect this precious piece of kit. Now, when I connect the unit to the power socket the unit seems dead, no lights, no reaction to the remote etc. The handbook states that the problem may be due to it being in timer mode but pressing this button has no effect and the unit appears completely unresponsive, as if it were not connected to the mains. I haven't found any fuses visible to access.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what remedies I may try?

Thanks in advance for any replies and/or suggestions.


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Personaly i dont know why you bothered setting the vcr up if you bought it to transfer video 8 tapes to digital,what digital format digital 8 /mini dv /dvd ? ,if to dvd the easiest would be copy to a dvd recorder or if to a pc the firewire or analogue connections,what ever way you planned the sony S1000E would do the job without set up and being left turned on untill the transfer was ready to go,as to the problem it seems something has been damaged if you cant get to the plug fuse cutting the wire and fitting a new plug is an unlikely but possible cure other than that it may have to be a repair centre.

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