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I was making a recording using a optical connection from a Sony CDP-XA30ES cd player to a Sony MDS-JA30ES minidisc deck yesterday.

I am using a TDK disc that was brand new and still sealed, and the MD had been used with a lens cleaner only a month ago.

Problem is when playing back on the JA30ES there are a couple of moments where the disc momentarily skips/mutes very slightly. It is in the same point on the disc, but sometimes playback is affected more than others (the length of the skip/mute).

Strange thing is, I have played the same MD back on 3 other Sony decks (a MDS-JB930, a J3MD micro system and an in car player, and it plays faultlessly on all of these!

With CDs certainly I have noticed that the error correction seems to be better on later (QS) models compared to their ES forerunnners, but I was wondering if this is also true for MD decks, or is it perhaps the beginnings of a more sinister problem??

Any advice would be appreciated.



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I had a md deck 940QS for a year, than i replaced it for 555ES. That was 10 years ago. Since than I have never had any problems with my deck, with any mds. I have recorded more than 150 disks.

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