Sony ES recievers and video conversion


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Can anyone tell me if the VA333ES or VA555ES do video signal conversion?

e.g. I want to input something in composite or S-video and output it via the component video? Will it convert?
I believe both of these do it but looking for confirmation, the latest Denon's do it.
[and yes yes, I know I'll only get the S-video quality! :cool: ].



I've got the 555ES but must admit to not even trying to switch video through it.

I've just had a flick through the manual and that isn't clear whether it will convert or not.

I would give it a go but I don't have any component sources and the TV only has SCART (RGB) inputs so I cannot test it for you.




I've got the devices but not the cables :(

I've scanned and uploaded the relevant page from the manual to here. Note, this is copyright matieral, so won't leave it up for too long.

If you read it in conjunction with the Tips and Notes on the page it would suggest that the component section is totally seperate from the S-Video and Composite side of things. It then also suggests that if you use S-Video inputs, then you need to use a S-Video output also.

I.e. if you use componet inputs use component output, if you use S-Video in use S-Video out and the same for composite.

It is not something I worried about when I bought my 555 as I had no intention of using the video side of things. Saying that, now I have it, i may consider it in the future but looks like I'll need to match everything, preferably using component.

Hope that helps.



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