Sony Ericsson W800i v Samsung D600 - Which one???

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I am due to upgrade my phone in the next few weeks and cannot make up my mind which of the 2 phones (W800i v D600) I should go for

would appreciate any help from those in the know!!!!

Cheers .....


Decide what you need; the D600 feels nicer, and has a TV output. Takes TF/Micro SD cards. Doesn't come with additional memory out of the box.

W800 has a better camera and music player, and comes with a 512meg card. Personally I'd probably go for the W800, but I'd say its pretty close between them.


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I'm also deciding between the two.
From what I've read, yes, the Sony is better for Photos, and Music maybe but, the Samsung is better for Videos...
Also, some people have said its exactly the same as the 750i ( which looks better IMO), exept that its bundled with 512mb memory, and a few other bits.
For me personally, the video capture, in a very portable unit sitting in a pocket, would be very very usefull capturing clips that would otherwise be missed.

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Thanks folks!!

Still no nearer to comin to a decision, but at least I have some useful info re: the 2 mobiles!

I have had a Sony K700i for the last yr and it has been brill, and saw the W800i as the natural replacement, but the samsung d600 just looks SO nice and although havin nothing negative to say about Sony Ericsson, I might just have a change

But then again, the Walkman feature.........???????? Oh, I don't know....!!!!????

Anyone else out there with the handsets who can help me make a decision???!!!


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I've had the W800i for about 2 weeks and think its great. I was ready to upgrade from a Motorila v500 and also wanted an MP3 player for when going to the gym or running so when I saw the W800 it filled 2 needs. It does about everything except make tea... The camera is a 2 Mpixel, with auto focus it gives good results to. It has a good light for photos and as a torch..An FM radio with RDS frequency tracking.. the MP3 player is great , I can even connect it to the car stereo and play the tracks on it and the phone will interrupt if theres a call and work as hands free. It has video capability but I don't use that at the moment.
I have had some crashing problems when connecting the bluetooth (see other post) but I will sort that one way or another.
Overall I'm very happy with it



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W800i all the way :)

I've got the W800i and had the D500 for a while, the D600 is an evolution of the D500. I much prefer the W800i, usability, looks and the extra memory.

The D500 was an excellent phone though, and I'm sure the D600 carries on this tradition. I have two contracts and it's time to upgrade one of them next week, so may well go for the D600 to go with the W800i.

Both phones would serve you well, and to be honest, I don't think there is anything else out there to compete with them right now. Nokia seem to have lost the plot and their competitors are running away with it at the moment.

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I have the w800 and its superb, i was thinking of a d600 as my old d500 was excellent but the thing kept sliding open every time i put it in my pocket, the d600 is chunkier than the d500 though.

go for the w800, walkman feature is superb, headphones are the best ive ever seen with a phone and battery life is ace

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Thanks a lot for all your input!!!

I think the general consensus is that the W800i just has that little more to offer, so I think that will be the one I'll upgrade to.

I have two contracts too, so maybe when the other one runs out, I'll go for the D600 then....

Overall, both sound like great phones!!

Anyway - happy chattin and paying huge mobile phone bills!!!!!!!!!



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I would like to say that I am not really into phones apart from making calls and sending the odd text, the most important features for me are bluetooth and as long a battery life as possible.
I have been using a Nokia 6230 and it has been a good workhorse for 12 months, but as I was due an uprade and didn't fancy a 6230i as I wanted a change I was told by the guy at Vodafone that the w800 has probably the best battery life (on paper) of any phone at the moment, so I went with that.

When the phone arrived as soon as I saw it my heart sunk, even my daughter was laughing at it, it really does look like a toy, but to be fair I guess that is the idea?
However after using it for a couple of days my opinion chaged on it, the camera is superb, it syncs with my ibook straight away and it is easy to set up and navigate. Ther battery is very good and the phone lasts a couple of days without haing to charge it.
The sound quality is far better than the nokia during calls too.

Only problem I had with it was the way it looks, and feels, as I said I think it is a phone for kids and just doesn't feel like it will last. I actually called vodafone and asked if I could send it back for this reason alone, however they talked me into keeping it by giving me thousands of extra texts each month and another 300mins of anytime/any network calls, so I stuck with it, but only for a week. I rang them and asked for them to swap it, and I eneded up with a K750i instead, it does everything the w800 does but looks like a phone for grown ups, oh and the camera seems to be even better than the w800, the colours on the w800 were useless, but on the K750 they are great.
You don't get a 1/2 gig memory card but I would rather buy one of them and have the nicer looking phone.

I would rate the phone as follows...

Battery 4/5
Ease of use 4/5 (may have got a 5 if I wasn't so used to Nokia)
Design 4/5 (It ain't no 8800 but I couldn't live with 2 hours talkitime!)

All in all this is a great phone, the w800 is the same and some people may prefer the cream and orange design of that model.

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Just one more question......

When I looked at the W800i in a shop, the buttons felt a bit awkward and near to each other

Has anyone with the phone had a problem with that?

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I have the K750i which has to be the best phone I have owned. The W800i does look a little gawky and I believe shares its buttons with the D750i which is the K750i on T -Mobile (confusing aint it).
The 750i buttons are a little small and I find longer nails help with game playing and the media player buttons on the side are a bit fiddly.
I friend of mine changed his body shell on his w800 to the 750I with little trouble. I have put 1gb card in my 750 and intend on getting the 800 head phones from Sony which are about £30.
The only real differences are the in flight mode which switches the 800 into walkman mode stopping the phone side of things working ( not sure if you could convince a airline of that though) and the media player is different.
But then you can also flash the 750i with 800i firmware to make it a
fully working replica.
I got my 750i which came unlocked from Vodafone (it comes in black not grey) My wife has also got one on 02, again unlocked in black.



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I have the K700i at the moment and it has been great, but i have to say the buttons being a bit close together took a bit of gettin used to...

I think I will end up going for the W800i. There does seem to be so much going for it. Plus I work outdoors, so having the walkman feature would be a real bonus, as at the moment i take a separate MP3 player, and every time the phone rings I have the hassle of changing over from music to phone which would not happen with the W800i

I have toyed with the idea of getting the D600 and whacking a big memory card in for music, but I don't know how smooth it would work compared to the walkman feature on the W800i....??

Good grief!!! You'd think I was movin home and not upgrading a mobile phone!!!!

Cheers for the advise....

Jr :thumbsup:


I'm in exactly the same d600 vs w800i dilemma, but i've just read somewhere that the w800i can only record 10 second video clips - anyone know if this is anywhere near true?!


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That's not the case, you can set it in the menu so it records as long as you like.


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Ooer, my D600 has arrived, and erm, I rather like it :)

Equally as good as the W800i I think, and certainly better built and much better looking, the screen is better than the W800i's as well, in fact, the screen on the D600 is positively jaw droppingly stunning :)

The O/S and general usability of the W800i is better though, but in light of the arrival of the D600, I'd have to say both phones are as good as each other and retract my previous recommendation of the W800i being a clear favourite :)

The D600 has impressed me a great deal, if you are not too bothered about the 512MB of Ram and are not a fan of the SE O/S, then the D600 is a fantastic option :)

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I have to say that I have a mate who works for Samsung and he is absolutely raving about the D600!!

Have you kept both phones? Is there any difference in quality between the 2 cameras? (i know they're both 2mp). What menu system is more user friendly?

I really keep swaying between the 2 phones. I like the attraction of a 'slider' phone as I have never had one + its big screen. On the SE, I like the walkman feature + memory as I work outside.

May go for D600 + transflash memory for music.....but then again.....??!!

I have about 2 weeks till my contract is up for renewal and no doubt I will continue to 'pendulum' between the 2 phones....

Cheers :thumbsup:



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Yup, got both phones, I use two contracts so luckily I do not have to go through your dilema :D

I really do not know which to choose :confused:

The camera on the W800i is better for still photos, especially in low light conditions, but, the movie recording on the D600 is miles better than that of the W800i.

General usage, I feel the Sony Ericsson is still more intuitive, and you can certainly get more software (like java games for example) that are compatible with the W800i, and you do get that 512MB memory stick too which is worth quite a bit in itself. But the D600 counters with a fantastic screen, superb build and material quality, and much much nicer looks, the piano black screen surround is particularly fetching.

The loudspeaker on the D600 is also better than the one on the W800i, more dynamic, but, it's mic is useless at a distance, I called the wife and had the phone less than 2ft away with the handsfree speaker mode enabled and she could barely hear me, the W800i mic is much better for this, even if the speaker loses out a little on dynamic ability.

So, all in all, they are both pretty even, it will be a hard decision :(, and I for one can't really choose between them :eek:



I'm in the same situation. I'm due for an upgrade and the two best phones at the moment seem to be the w800 and the d600. I was going to go for the w800 because I thought - I might be wrong - that the w800 has a lens cover and the d600 doesn't. On the phone I've got now (k700i) the lens gets really dusty and affects the quality of the pictures.

After reading all the posts, I think i'm gonna change my mind cos it sounds like the screen on the samsung is much better than the SE.


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The screen on the Samsung really jumps out at you, I thought the screen on the SE was good, but the one on the D600 shames it. The D600 screen is probably as good if not better than the Sony Ericsson S700i :eek:

The one annoying thing about the D600 (which was the same as the D500) is text messaging, it is a bit of a long winded process compared to the W800i.


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Really? I find the 750i long winded compared with my Nokia 6230.


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Anybody who likes the w800i should do a search for the new version coming out next month in asia-the W900i-absolutely fantastic :eek: :eek:
Any news if this will get a release here soon????


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ebury said:
Anybody who likes the w800i should do a search for the new version coming out next month in asia-the W900i-absolutely fantastic :eek: :eek:
Any news if this will get a release here soon????

The W900i should be released around Crimbo time I believe, possibly mid-November.

BUT, it's not a new version of the W800i, it is a successor to the S700i and is a 3G phone. It looks fabulous though, and should have an awesome screen like the S700i has.

Gizlaroc, the 6230 is a great little phone, and shows what Nokia does best, the quick, important features are to hand straight away, Nokia have probably always had one of the most intuitive menu systems going. The D600 takes ages to get a text message out. The workflow goes something like this.

Going through the menu system:

Hit menu button.
Select Messages and click OK
Select Text Message
Select Create New
Type Message
Click Options Key
Select Send
Click Options Button
Select Phone book
Scroll to name
Push OK button to select
Click Options Button to Select again
Goes back to Phone number list to send SMS to
Click Options Button
Select Send

:eek: What a balava!!!!! And is probably the one true failing of the phone, otherwise, it's almost perfect :)


Hi, I was also facing the same choice and decided to go for the D600 because I love the look of it. It's the first samsung i've ever had and I'm pleased with how easy it is to use. However there are a few things that have annoyed me! Does anyone know if it is possible to set it to vibrate AND ring at the same time? Mine seems to just do melody or vibrate or vibrate and then melody! I upgraded from a Nokia 7610 and just took it for granted that all phones would be able to do this! Can the Sony Ericsson W800i do both at the same time? I'm seriously considering swapping the D600 for a W800i and this is one of the major reasons. Another are the awful earphones. My ears aren't particularly small but they are big and pointy and generally uncomfotable! Is it possible to get others that fit the phone? I have heard that the earphones with the W800i are very good, can anyone confirm this?

I think the D600 looks amazing and the features are brilliant but it just lacks that something. Please could an owner of a W800i let me know about the above? I think I might make use of o2's 14 day return policy!

Ross :)


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I've had the Sammy for a few weeks now & I really like it - I'm a designer and uploaded some pdfs to it last night via bluetooth (Apple Mac) and hooked it to the tv of a client who didn't have access to a pc - impressed the hell out of them even though its fairly limited in terms of quality and practicality for emergencies it could be just the chap - email access to me was key in getting the sammy over the sony as I already have an mp3 player..

Overall pretty damn good

Berth :thumbsup:

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