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Martin Smith

Sony Ericsson claim a standby battery life of 400 hours, I'm only getting 7 hours. I 've taken it back under guarantee twice; the dealer sent it to Celestica each time but its still just as bad. Sony sub-contract their repairs to Celestica. The charger and two batteries have been checked twice. It the Sony claim exaggerated or is Celestica not too competant. Sony and Celestica have "parted company". Has anyone got any ideas.


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I don't know what the spec says, but 400 hours seems way too much. But 7 hours is too low - unless that is 7 hours of constant use with the light on?

You should expect between 2 and 4 days with moderate use.

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sony claims on pretty much all there products are over cooked imho,my amp claims 100 w per channel but is closer to 80w.7 hours does seem pretty low though mate you might wanna make sure your not running anything in the back ground.i have a p900 and if i dont shut down progs and have the screensaver switched on i do notice a different battery life altogether.
i had a P800 b4 getting my P900 and i was getting at least 3-4 days if i wasnt using mp3's or movies. They will eat up the battery life

Gary D

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mine lasted about a weekl between charges (dependant on use) all in all it had fantastic battery life!


Martin Smith

Thanks Woody67, silverback, spacecat and Garyd. My P800's battery life of 7 hours is with bluetooth off, screen dark, and me not touching it. Its helpful to know that you guys are getting 2 to 4 days. It proves there is something wrong (unless there is something running in the background I dont know about) and that Sony's repairer is less than competant. I suspect Sony Ericsson's claim is for flight mode where the phone is switched off but that would not be honest imho.

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