Sony Ericsson, like Xperia Play (but with out the gaming part)


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I have an Xperia Play and I think its an excellent phone, it is a bit big, but its very slick and works well.

Thinking of getting my Mrs a new phone, she likes mine, but does not need the gaming functionaility or size.

What other Sony Android phones are similar in performance to the Xperia Play?

Important things for her are: Good Signal, Wifi (home use), FaceBook, Camera, Hi-Res Screen, iPlayer, Music Play Back etc

GPS would be nice for use with Google maps on rare occasions.

Ideally I would like all of this for £100, but I expect it will be close to £200, any ideas?


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Sony Xperia Arc is pretty much the play without the pad as far as i understand it.


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What prices are we looking at?


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mattrixdesign2 said:
What prices are we looking at?

The plain Arc ( not the S) was £250 the other day on
It's a cracking phone and ICS coming next march.


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Hmmm £250 is far too much, the Play was going for as low as £150, guess they were being off-loaded.

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