Sony Ericsson K750i - Locks up when goes into screensaver mode


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My phone started playing up yesterday. Whenever it goes into screensave mode (black screen with clock displayed large) the phone locks up and won't respond to any key presses. The only way I can get it back is to take the battery out and turn it back on that way.

It works for a while and then locks up again when screen saver comes on. It doesn't lock up when the screen fades though. I have done a factory reset in the time before it locked up but this morning it was locked up again.

It is approx 2 months old and I upgraded it to a 512mb stick of memory.

I have just turned off the screensaver and the clock on screensaver to see what will happen.


I think u may of put a mobile birus on the memory stick or your firmware may need updating. firmware updating should be easy as u should be able to do it over a day or 2. Sorry bt this is the best i cn do since i dnt usually have problems like urs wit my bricks aka phones

hope this helped



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Thanks for the tips. I have removed my 512mb stick and I am now using the memory that came with the phone. It seems to be working so far.

How do I remove the virus from my old stick? Also, how might it have become infected? I havn't downloaded anything to my phone recently but I do leave my BT turned on....


copy all the stuff on to your comp and format the stick add stuff a batch at a time ie all music and see if it still freezes then u will find out what stuff is infected if anything it may just be hidden on your memory stick


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Unfortunetly it has crashed again with the other stick. I am going to following the instructions on upgraded the software and if that doesn't work it will be sent back.

Thanks for the tips.

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