Sony Erickson K800i vs Nokia N73


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Hey which phone is better, the n73 or k800i??

What are the pros and cons of each. I know the k800i is said to have a better camera but more importantly what is a better phone, call quality, txt messaging etc??

Also what is symbian, which I know the N73 is. what are the benefits of this?

Also are there any better phones in the same price range- pay as you go?

Opinions please!!


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Symbian is the applications part of the software. The main benefit it gives you is that you will find loads of applications on the internet which you can use on your phone.


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Symbian is the operating system. S60 is the specific operating system, which is Nokias flavour of Symbian.

Both phones are very similar in many respects. The K800i camera does slightly edge the N73, but the N73 is still good. The K800i is faster and more responsive to use, being a non-smartphone, but you're limited to Java for adding new applications. The N73 has a huge catalogue of software around for it, which might be useful or might be something you never even look at.

The K800i has a better keypad, IMO, making it very good for texting.

As you may be able to tell, there really isn't much in it. Both are good phones, both have pretty good cameras, the main things the differ between them are things that can only be judged by personal preference. If you can get your mitts on them to play with you'll probably make your decision very quickly.


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had an n73, had a k800i......

went for the k800i hands down...easily!.
also was voted mobile of the year 2007 (mobile choice awards) :thumbsup:

so much better than the usual boring, :thumbsdow:( crashing nokia n73 when it comes to virtually everything:) !.

you simply cant go wrong!.
best of luck.

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