Sony DX100 same problems as the FQ75!!!


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Sep 11, 2002
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This is real..

I had the Sony FQ75 and went though two replacement sets, and thanks to the battling of the folks on this site Sony admitted the problem and broght out the aggleged fix in the form of a new AV board.

Sony eventually upgraded me to the DX100 saying that the internals where completly diffrent (although the set looks identical)

Scrolling bars are still there, no where near as bad but when you pay upwards of £1,500 on a set you should not be having these problems. My mate has a £400 JVC with some cheapo DVD and always rubs salt in the wounds as his system gives a much better expierence than mine and cost a 1/4 of the price!

I have since given Sony an altermaten..

1. Replace TV (for what good it will do)
2. Upgrade to NX100 (That looks different so it stands a chance of working)

3. Full refund (+ intrest on my finance agreement used to purchase it, and refund me for lost productivity, spend at least 2 weeks off work trying to resolve this)

Oddly Sony keep avoiding me when I call them!

Please Please Please, if anyone else is having DX100 problems please log them here we need to get the pressure back onto Sony.
I know the Sony scrolling bar thread is VERY long but I have posted on there several times that my DX100 DID HAVE the bars - and so does the NX - in both cases they are not as bad - but once you see them they haunt you !

I eventually went for the 44" RP set and can confirm it DOES NOT have the bars !

oh and dont think the FQ80 wont have them - I wouldnt bet on it !

hope this helps
i've had 2 DX100s to treplace my FQ75. Neither had scrolling bars, not even slightly feint ones and i knew what i was looking for too.

they did have poor geometry and the second one was faulty so i am now getting a refund (fingers crossed).

I don't fancy your chances of getting an upgrade though.

i too am having very poor geometry with my dx100.
and i've spent far too many hours in the service menu trying to fix it. i am thinking of getting it exchanged for a new one, hoping to get one that will have good geometry. (i know there are a few satisfied dx100 owners out there.)

not sure how to test the scrolling bars, so i ain't gonna try in fear of seeing them.

i also seem to have very small horizotal faded lines at the the top and bottom of widescreen broadcasts (analogue) and also on dvd's when it's in ws envelope mode.
weird ... and it's bugging me. did u have this problem?

finally, should i take this up with the retailer to get it exchanged? (i bought it from allders, so hopefully after sales will be good.)
or do i go through sony?


as far as i can see i do not have the lines you mention. i have some faded vertical lines down the right side of the screen though.

For replacements etc within first year - go to the retailer.

Good luck


thanks for the prompt reply.

i'll give allders a call and see whether they will send an engineer round to try and fix it first or whether they will just change it for a brand new set with no fuss.

i'll be mentioning geometry being unacceptable as the main reason, along with faded horizontal lines.

oh and a reeeally bizzare thing happened as well last night. was in service menu and attempting to slightly tweak geometry when all a sudden, a flash (kind of like the tv turned off then on) - and then for some reason ... my colour settings seems to have been changed. all the pictures are darker now! this was the last straw.
even on the normal live picture setting when i it's contrast is max it still looks a bit dark.
i am ABSOLUTELY sure i didn't press anything or do anything in the service menu to trigger this off. also, this morning when i turned the tv on (after it being on standby thru the night) - i got a sorta grey (black and white pixelly) screen for a split second which said "Mono". changed channel then it was fine.

no idea why these problems are creeping up. was ok apart from the geometry when i first got it 1 month ago.

service menu scares me now!

Yeah, the service menu really is to be avoided unless you write everything down and even then you should be really careful.

Are you sure you haven't reinitialised or reset the TV?, remember not to mention the service menu to the retailers as you have in fact voided your warranty.


i did indeed reset it again before making my geometry adjustments.
but i have resetted/reinitialised it before in the past and this never happened.

also i have never changed the colour settings either. so no idea why it's darker now.

i'll be sure not to mention service menu tampering to them. just said ... it's got worse over time. :)

i can't go for the 44" RPTV u opted for after 2 failed attempts with the dx100.

really hope the replacement (if they give me one) will be good enough.

You reset it :eek:

You should never do that, that resets the TV back to the factory settings - that means BEFORE it was aligned and pre-prepared. You should really only stick to the adjustment menus like, backend, deflection and so on.

Good grief, i hope you get it swapped mate, it must be in a state :D
oh oh ... sounds like i've done a foolish thing then.

lets just hope allders will exhange it for a new one then and that the geometry is fine so that i never need to go back into the service menu :(

thanks for all your help and advice bill.


p.s. is there anyway they can check that a customer has accessed the service menu? if not ... must they exchange the set or can they refuse to do so?
If these horizontal lines can only be seen in light scenes and they stay still, then they are the guide wires that are a feature of all Aperture Grill displays (e.g Sony Triniton)
stone free,

that sounds like the symptoms i've got. most noticable on light scenes, not so much on darker ones.

sounds like it's a feature of the trinitron tube then. maybe i'm just nit-picking too much.

i've seriously gotta focus more on whats there to watch on the tele and not look at the faults.


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