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Sony DVR DXG500 Opinions and Questions

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by VideoPeter, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. VideoPeter


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    My brief opinion having had the machine 3 months:
    - 1-2h modes great picture recorded or not. 1-1.5h modes can be astounding.
    - easy to program (with none of the glitches with EPG program ends some users have reported not synching with actual program ends)
    - Sound is good generally (voices clear which is key), generally good dynamics over stereo phono out. Not tried using it as a CD player.
    - Reliable (single exception - see con)
    - seems to produce a somewhat better picture than my standalone Sony digibox over RGB scart.

    - could have more bass extension compared to staright DVD boxes I have used on its stereo downmix/out. Menu options don't help. Interconnect tweaking doesn't help. Shouldn't bother the home cinema people I guess.
    - don't try to squeeze to much onto an R disc - if it can't finalize your disk is junk. You are tempted to do this to avoid longer playing modes.
    - Fan noise is not objectionable but it does nullify this machine as a constant use digibox IMO (not a con for me)
    - Should work out rec mode (1h, 2h etc) from the EPG, add 5 mins and work out optimal encoding/compression (whatever the right term is) - get rid of this VCR metaphor non-digibox players are stuck with. Oh - if only a 2h:05 film was recorded close to 2h quality...

    Generally I am happy. I can see tho that another 12-24 months will see some great alternatives appearing. As the machine I singled out (digibox, overall quality etc) there was no other choice and see since my purchase that it has been reviewed very favourably.

    I saw an Amazon review of this machine that surprisingly states it can use dual layer + format disks. Any truth in this rumour? Anyone tried it? As a new player and other players now appearing supporting dual layer it has a ring of potential about it. If so the post-2h quality drop off fade into the mist.

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