Sony DVPNS900 auto-switching weirdness



... or complete lack of it.

I read the thread about this player intermittently sending signals up the SCART connection but this is a slightly different problem.

I changed a friend's player over to RGB the other day, and connected it through his Sky box. The player doesn't seem to send any signal up pin8 at all, there's no autoswitching when the player comes on and the Sky box doesn't pass through the signal. If I turn the Sky box off, the DVD picture comes through fine, but you have to manually change to the correct input.

If you're on AV3 and you turn the Sky box on, it switches to AV1. If you then Turn the DVD on, you still see the Sky picture. If you then turn the Sky box off, the DVD picture flickers on for a second, then the TV falls back to AV3, and you have to manually go round to AV1 to get the DVD back again...... anyone else seen this, is it related to the other problem, and is there any way to stop it?

Thanks - I suspect this problem might also stop a WSS being sent so the TV will have to be manually switched to 16:9 when watching WS content - he has it on "smart" at the moment.

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