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May 21, 2006
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Hi there.

I've been a lurker for a while, then got as far as registering, but never actually posted.

I've just bought a Sony DVPNS76H after seeing a few recommendations around here, though I don't have it connected to use it's connectivity features fully.

I've just got it connected at the moment using the RGB Scart from my old Panasonic RV41 which wrapped it's hand in a few days back. I have noticed though, that on switching on, it doesn't automatically switch the TV over to the AV source, which the Panny did. Is this something I'll have to live as it will be a shame because my son likes to watch DVD's and he can quite happily (and safely) switch on the DVD player and put a DVD (Power Rangers) in. He hasn't worked out how to switch the TV over to the correct AV source though.

This is interesting and having young kids I know the convenience of this switching on for the kids..however may be its a blessing in disguise as they'll not mess with your expensive kit so much now:D

I've got one on order and will let you know if I learn how to make it auto-start the AV channel.

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