SONY DVPNS355 good/bad?



saw this advertised today for £87 inc vat delivered. i just wondered if anyone has one of these and are they any good?. ive been reading about the cheaper dennon models that are cheap chinese built ones in a nice case. is this the same with the sony's?. ill be using it with a 32fx68u telly and an strdb925s amp.

if that player is a bad choice, could someone let me know a half decent one for £120 max that will play dvd-r/rw/+r/+rw vcd/svcd

thanks in advance :)



the model name is right, i was polite...and there was lots of views and yet this was the only post not to get a reply. what did i do wrong?

thanks in advance.


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Dont know what you did wrong mate, but i have been looking at that model too and at Sainsburys it's now £59,,,dont know how good it is but it play's virtually everything and is slim and it's a Sony. How far wrong could you go ? Also i believe it has progressive scan too ?


The NS355 is £49.99 at Amazon.co.uk.


However. I would upgrade to a NS585. I use one on my projector. It is now only £79.99. I paid £99.99 only in September. :(

It is a fantastic player and easily competes against a Pioneer 575 for DVD's. My Dad has a Pioneer 575 and he couldn't tell which one was better with picture quality.



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A Sony 355 For £49.99 !!!! I think this is a stunning little device, RGB scart is superb, it plays MP3s, Jpegs Discs, and It looks superb, I bought one for the MIL for £90 And I thought it was a bargain at that price. Sounded great as a CD transport too (No really).

Whats the world coming to ? £49.99 !!
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