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Hello all,

I'm looking to buy a Pal Prog player and following the trawl round various e-shops, forums, e-mags etc., am a bit unsure of what I should get.

All I want it for is DVD playback - I don't care about whether it plays DVD-A/SACD well (or even at all!). Plus, I'll be using the digital out connection for the sound and hence thinking about on-board decoders is not a problem for me.

The most important thing for me is video quality. For a few months, will be using Scart connection for a 28" CRT and will then be upgrading to Pal Prog to 42" plasma via component connections.

So far, I'm considering the:

Sony DVP-NS999ES and the Sony NS930V. What are the major differences. (P.S. I don't count the colour, remote or things like number of discs it can remember). For example, I see that the 999ES has a 14bit DAC, while the 930 has 12bit DAC. Does this make a difference? Will the video quality basically be the same for my purposes (see above)?

Surely the 999ES has SOME further differences to the 930V to justify its far higher price tag?
I can't answer your question, but I'd like to point out that the Sony DVP730 gives almost identical image quality to the more expensive 930 model. These players share the same video and de-interlacing circuitry, and the general consensus on these forums is that there's no difference at all in image quality between the two.

If you're looking for a basic player with a good progressive scan image and the standard digital output, perhaps you might be better off comparing the 730 (which is about £130-140) with the 999ES. The 930 is £250 or more, which seems like an unnecessary expense if you don't need any of its extra gubbins.

I bought a 730 yesterday to go with my Sanyo Z1 projector, and I'm very happy with it :)
You keep hearing this yarn from the 730 owners that its the same as the 930.
The 930 is from the QS range hence has better components.
The extras are SACD, Component outs (I believe NTSC only) a VC filter (whatever that is), more buttons/displays on the front, different case, 2 Scarts on back, instead of 1, DTD/DD decoder and available in Black. Also you can now get it for £220 fully inclusive - What a bargain. CSX

Just to say the sony 930 is pal 625p and ntsc 525p progressive as i have one and use it with my panasonic ae100 projector displays. I use it with 10m long van damme cables and the picture is great, I purchased it for £250 last year and am very happy with the picture. I do get some artifacts but thats more to do with my display than dvd player, on a standard tv with good scart it gives out a nice clear image imo.

Thanks for the posts so far. Any more info on the 999ES and its position over the 930, especially if using with components on a 42" plasma?

Sorry to widen this thread even wider, but is the Pioneer 868 going to be better enough than the 999ES (once again if using plasma) to justify its price tag (remember I don't care about DVD-A etc.)?
You can check both Sonys tested here. The site is in German, but figures are clear. Lower values are better.

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