Sony DVP-NS905 Problem


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Hi all

I have just bought a Sony DVP-NS905 DVD Player and I am very happy. HOWEVER there is a problem. I not sure whether this is supposed to happen but when I turn on the player I get no picture (i.e. screen showing Sony logo etc). The picture only comes on when I press 'Display' or 'Play'. Is the player supposed to work like this? Does anyone else own this player and if so does it do the same? I would appreciate some help so I know whether it is supposed to work like this or if it is faulty.



if you are using scart the tv will not switch to the dvds av chanel until you operate the dvd player this is normal. switch the tv to the dvds av chanel manually if you want the display to show without operating the player-hope this helps.


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Just to put your mind at rest, I've got a DVP-NS905V and it does exactly the same thing. It was a bit off putting at first but not really a problem.


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I have a lower DVP model (NS300).

If you go into the setup menus, under Screen Setup, there should be an option for the Background. If you set it to Jacket Picture or Graphics, then you will get the Sony logo. If it's set to Blue or Black, then you'll just get a background of that colour.


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yep, knew that squirrel... we were talking about the fact that the player doesn't auto-switch the scart until you're actually playing something... no disc in, but player on, you get nothing on the screen.

not sure if this happens with your ns300?

all the other players I've seen would auto-switch the scart to on, when switched on.

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Yes NS300 is the same. It kinda switches quickly then switches back (you get a black screen flash up very briefly)

Makes sense if you ask me though - after all, why would you want to switch to the DVD unless you actually had a disk in? (yeah, you might wanna just work through the setup menus, but then that's not gonna happen that often) - you can always hit the "TV/DVD" button on the remote and that will force it to switch over. :)


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All sony models (I've ever encounter) do that!:devil:

I believe that this is in fact a real design feature (not the "unwanted kind" reffered to in sarcasm as a "feature":D ).

I'd expect (like most people) to have the scart switch over to the av channel once the machines switches on. Maybe I've just become accustomed to my vcr and satellite doing these things...

The other great design thing is if you switch on the machine from the power off position, it quickly powers on and then goes to standby. Try it without a disc in the machine. All you have to do is power of the machine on the front panel (physically and not by remote) and then power it on, you'll see what i mean .:rolleyes: ....Then to put a disc in you have to press the power button on the remote of any key on the front panel (eject) to get the darn thing into life.....bizzare...


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I like this feature.

Basically it means I can put in or remove a disk without the screen coming up if all I press is eject.

If you press power on the screen comes up and clearly it also comes up when pressing play.

I regard it as a useful feature and not a a problem in any way.

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