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Mar 28, 2002
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A friend of mine has just taken delivery of his Sony 905 DVD Player. For those that want a closer and look (and proof of a black model!), take a look at these....

I just need to keep saving to get mine.....


no components ??? didnt the 900 have components
Very nice, but I wouldn't swap it for my 900.

It looks like a squashed 900 from the front.

Does anyone know if the 108mhz 12 bit video makes a difference from the 900's 10 bit 54mhz?

It is also nice to see MP3 on a Sony. I thought that would never happen. Anyway, I have another player that can do that if I wanted to.
Originally posted by nwgarratt

Does anyone know if the 108mhz 12 bit video makes a difference from the 900's 10 bit 54mhz?

Yes. I find far more detail in the picture and it is sharper. I traded down from an Arcam DV88 and see no loss in performance. Also I had the 900 and think it is a step up from that player.
I haven't had my 900 player for long but it is a big jump from a 525D.

I am glad the spec is better but I prefer the look of the 900.

I will stay with Sony for my players.
I compared the 900 with the 905 when the 905 first came out. Picture wise they were nearly identical on a Sony 11HT projector (a 12-bit 108MHz DAC will make minimal difference compared to a 10-bit 54MHz DAC if the player isn't progressive scan: remember that DVD is an 8-bit 13.5MHz format. A 54MHz DAC samples the entire 13.5MHz signal four times, while a 108MHz DAC samples eight times), but I much preferred the sound quality of the 900.

The 905 reminded me of the 735 and the remote wasn't impressive at all. I ended up with the 900, even given its greater cost. Great machine (I 'upgraded' from an extremely buggy Arcam DV88). Considering the price reduction of the 905, I think the internal audio construction was the area that got the short end of the stick; although to be fair the 900 had been well used and the 905 was fresh out of the box with no burn-in time.

I looked at the 905 but preferred the overall look of the 900 so I bought one today..:) bargain £349 in Silver from a Sony Centre of all places..:)
They have been £349 multi-region mail order for ages. You can get teh 905 M/R for the same price too.
fair enough but I wouldn't buy hardware mail-order personally as I hate waiting..and the only places I could walk in and buy had them at £429.. Also I was surprised that Sony Centre was the cheapest place I could find..and I much prefer the look of the 900..;)

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