Sony DVP-NS30 vs Sony CDP-XE270 - for audio playback


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This is my first post and I got to say great site!

I have a Sony AV reciever (STR-DE598 - not great but I am poor and it was cheapish).

I want to buy a CD player (also Sony as I like my stuff to match - don't ask me why it's one of my hang ups) to wire into it. But I am on a very limited budget.

The lowest price Sony CD player I can find is CDP-XE270 at around £65, this has an optical out but no remote. While searching the net I found this DVD player DVP-NS30 which is cheaper (about £45) and it has a remote.

I already have a DVD player so I am not going to watch DVD's with it but my question is which would you rather go for?

Is there any advantage the CD player has over the DVD player in terms of sound quality for CD playback?

Also I am already using up my optical and digital coax socket(s) so both would go into my system via the phono inputs.

Plus the reason I am go for cheap stuff now is I am saving up to replace it with a Denon system (I so badly want the AVR-4306 reciever).


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I would personally go for the dedicated CD Player.

Although I have not heard the Sony CD Player, I own the DVP-NS32 (DVP-NS but plays DivX) and have played CDs on it a fair bit. The bass if very loose and just sort of booms, same for the lower midrange. Imaging is decent enough and the upper midrange and treble isn't bad either.

The Sony is certainly more musical than other cheapish DVD Players that I have owned/heard, but I think that even a cheap CD Player will better it.

Of course, if you are only after something to play background music and being able to play films as well is a bonus, you could go much further wrong. I'm sure that supermarkets have the DVP-NS30 at something silly like £45 or so now, which isn't bad at all!

Perhaps not really relevant, but my jaw hit the floor when I heard a (£200) dedicated CD Player after the Sony, the difference in quality was plain as day.

Would be interesting to see what others say.


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This may sound like a silly question, but why do you want a separate CD player if you've already got a DVD player?

Many people on this forum would say that a reasonable DVD player connected digitally to a good DAC (or AV processor) will give better sound than a low spec CD player.

What are your digital inputs connected to?


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rowlandhills, I have a Sony amp myself and have to say that the DAC has left me distinctly underwhelmed, hence I did not pursue that option.

Of course, a dedicated DAC would do a very nice job too, but budgetary constraints may prevent this.


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Thanks for your help dudes.

I don't know why I want something to play CD's with when I already have a DVD player, I read in my DVD players instructions (Toshiba SD-350E) that over use of the lens while wear it out and all I want that for is to upscale my DVD's.

Currently I have hooked up to my reciever:

XBox 360 via optical
PS2 via optical
Toshiba SD-350E DVD Player via Digital Coax
Toshiba 32WL56 TV via phono inputs.

Also the reason why I might want a CD Player is because the HI-FI rack I have my receiver on has 5 shelves and the only thing on it is the reciever :)

Anyway I am out of optical and coax inputs (until I buy my new Reciever and equitment).

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