Sony DVP Ns 930 - Anyone tried this one?




I am considering a Ns930 for CD and DVD use. The spec looks good and it can be modified for mulit region use. Question is have any of you tried this player and what do you think of It?



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I've got one & it's OK, but i'm not totally blown away by it's PQ (IMO my old Sony 525 was better when outputting RGB into my JVC TV)
I got it for the PAL prog Scan (which I use for my AE300 PJ) & I'm not overly impressed by the PQ into that either really, but until I see alternatives that give better PQ for a similar price i'll keep it until I can afford to build an HCPC. Sounds OK with CD's & SACD's though.
I may change it at some point for a Pioneer model instead as It's black (I ordered silver & the supplier sent me a black model instead :mad: When I checked the order confirmation the order was for a black model as well & I wasn't prepared to pay the restocking fee in order to exchange it either :devil: )



I have a 730, rather than the 930, but I hear that the two are pretty much the same under the skin except for the multi-channel decode and SACD. Compared to the other two P/S players I trialed, the 730 has a nice, filmic image - though not as good as my HTPC was. Sound is another matter. My CD player has just started playing up so I tried feeding the analogue output of the 730 into my hi-fi system; the sound lacked any sort of transparency whatsoever. I'm now using the DACs in my A/V amp driving my hi-fi speakers for CDs and that works much better - and may even be a long term solution. This doesn't bother me as I didn't buy my DVD player for CD playback; however, if you are buying to include CD playback, audition it first to make sure you're happy with the performance would be my advice.

Also, I've heard that Sonys don't have a handset hack for MR so just buy it already converted to MR.




Thanks for the reports guys!

I ordered one today so will see how it goes. The 930 is supposed to be an 'audiophile' version with QS components and SACD, so I am hoping I won't have to go and buy another CD player as well!

For £216 Multi Region it seems a good deal.

I'll let you know how I get on as the macrovision disable mod on my old Toshiba 2109 didn't cure the brightness changes on my ECP 3500 CRT projector. I'll see how the sony performs and then maybe get a box that really removes all macrovision from a signal. Any ideas on this?



I have ordered it from Total Digital. They have a web site if you search for it.
They are in the Birmingham (UK) area. I havve not used them before but they said they has on e in stock in black and that it will be multi region and will happily play RCE discs as well.

Lets see what turns up!

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