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I bought today the SONY DVD Player (german model) and - for the moment - I am happy with them. But I have two questions and I hope someone can help me!

1. When I insert a CD or VCD the player didn`t start automatically the volume - is that normal? Within SETUP I have 4 options for AUTOSTART: OFF/TIMER/DEMO1/DEMO2. For the moment the oprtion OFF is selected.

2. When I power on the player I didn`t get the start-screen! I have only a blank black screen and after I press the DISPLAY button I get the SONY SCREEN with the SETUP MENU. When I press again the DISPLAY button the Setup Menu goes off and I have the SONY SCREEN. Why it doesn`t come automatically when I switch on the player? In the SETUP I used the option STANDARD.

What I noticed is that after I press the DISPLAY button the player activate something because I heared a noise like a click.

Any help?



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Select "Graphics" to display the Sony background with the blue water with ripples etc.

When you insert anything other than a DVD you need to press Display to activate the display and the same goes for when the play comes out of Standby. At least with my TV.

Not sure about 1. I have never had CDs play automatically regardless of any of the Autostart settings. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but only my DVDs play automatically when the disc tray closes.

I'll have a play/fiddle myself!


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Thanks! But it didn`t worked ...

There should be something wrong. Because when I power on the DVD my tv didn`t switch to the AV-1 were my DVD is connected. But after I press the DISPLAY button my tv switch to AV-1 and I can see the graphic. It seems that the video section is not automatically switched on. But when I check the frontpanel of the player there is no light for VIDEO OFF.

What is wrong? I also tried a different scart cable and a different AV port on my tv without success.

Can you please check the following:

- switch on your tv
- switch on your DVD

Did the TV switch to the AV connection from the dvd and can you see the SONY bubbles without pressing a key?




Hi Udo, I have a Sony 700 which probably works in the same way. If I have the TV on and then turn on the DVD, the TV flicks to AV1 for half a second and then goes back to what it was on before. If I put a disk in or press Display, the video circuitry starts and the TV switches to AV1 and the Sony screen. If it's a CD, it stays on this screen.

This is designed in so that units do not conflict. If you had Sat box and DVD on the same scart input and they were both sending switch signals all the time, you would have to turn one off.

I don't think your machine is faulty, if it is, mine is too.



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Originally posted by UdoG

Did the TV switch to the AV connection from the dvd and can you see the SONY bubbles without pressing a key?

No, nothing happens unless I put a DVD in the tray and close it or press play. Turning it on via the front panel will not automatically play a DVD already in the tray. If you have Autoplay set to TIMER, it will play when mains power is restored e.g. via a timer socket.

You HAVE to press Display to get the video circuitry to activate when you put a CD in the machine and you want to access the setup menu or the background graphics. If Video Off is lit up then of course the display will remain off.

I don't know what happens with VCDs. I haven't got one to hand.

I don't think my Tosh telly (28Z05B) does AV switching although it does switch aspect ratios correctly, and I haven't been plaqued with the problems of rapid aspect ratio switching reported by those who have since had their players' scart socket modded(/disabled)/repaired. See the long thread on this subject.

Hope this answers your questions.


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