Sony DVP-F250


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Has anyone got any experience with the Sony DVP-F250?

Sony DVP-F250

I am thinking of buying one for my Mum. She currently doesn't have a DVD player and doesn't have space above or below her TV for one either. The main advantage of the DVP-F250 is that it can be placed on it's side and would fit perfectly next to her TV (a Philips 24PW6407). She also already has Sony's Freeview box the VTX-D800 (which also sits on it's side) and the F250 player matches this.

Any comments, problems etc? Anyone know what the PQ is like?The only problem I can see is that it doesn't seem to have a scart socket but I can live with s-video only as she currently doesn't have anything attached to her s-video enabled scart. Also seems a bit pricey at about £140 MR.

Any help or comments greatly appreciated!
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