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May 5, 2002
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I use my 900 for CD as and started into SACD.

At the moment I use the digital out from the 900 to my 930 amp. Is it best to use the internal DAC of the player.

I can also listen to CD using the 5.1 output. Would this be any different than using the red/white phono output.
I have the same model dvd.I found the dac on the dvd player to be better than my marantz sr6200 you might find the same.If you are using the 5.1 ouput then this is the same as using the L&R audio out when using 2 channel stereo of course.Flick between the 2 inputs on the amp to see if there is any difference! Ie the 5.1 input and the dvd digital input.
I have been using the digital out of CD players for a while. I suppose I just got used to it. I find the digital to be a bit louder.

If the 5.1 uses the same DAC as the the left/right phono out then I will use that. I have to use it for SACD anyway.

It a tough one I like the sound both ways.

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