Sony DVDR; how to tune to my digital TV?


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Been reading for a couple of days; not an expert at any of this but you've already solved some problems so thanks!

OK; ITV Guide+ transmission had gone, so I've sucessfully retuned to Eurosport and this is working again. In looking at everything again, and with Analogue slowly dissappearing, I'm pretty sure I'm not making the most of my TV and DVDr etc.

I've currently got channel 1-5 terrestrial tuned via the standard ariel, and sky tuned via Line 3, so can record either one whilst still watching other.

With analogue signal being pretty bad and in the end going altogether, I'd like to tune the digital channels which I receive via the TV's internal freeview, but I have no idea how to do this?

My DVDR shows 'smartlink' and I can set things to record on the TV's own EPG but it doesn't appear to 'command' the DVDR to do anything. Smartlink tips??

My guideplus lists all the channels it normally does and will record sky or analogue, and I can set manual recordings up for the channels it doesn't list using the G link etc, but it doesn't seem to know the TV's internal freeview/digital is there at all?

I'm sure I'm not making much sense here, very much a novice, but hoping someone will figure out what I mean...Any help much appreciated.

Sony TV KDL-32U2000


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Your 2006 model DVDR does not have a Freeview DVB-T tuner.

Recording from the freeview tuner of your TV is possible but highly impractical as you can only record what the TV is showing and the TV has to be switched on for the duration of the recording. The cheapest solution is to buy a cheap (£20) Freeview box and record from that. Alternatively get a new DVDR with a freeview and if money allows a Freview HD tuner and preferably a hard disc drive (HDD) also.
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