Sony DVD203 Camcorder, Any user comments please?

Hi all, I've been looking for my first camcorder & quite like the look of this for ease of use.Anyone else have any thoughts. Thanks in advance.


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Never used or even seen it. So I wouldn't offer any advice on it.
Except that I would never buy a DVD camcorder.


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Generally you wont find many contributors on this forum supporting dvd/hd camcorders.(search for previous threads on advice re formats etc).
Most prefer and recomend mini dv.
I was considering your choice recently already being a satisfied user of a 3 ccd Panasonic model.
However the short recording times put me off.
I needed a min record time of 1hr in acceptable quality ( no post editing required).
The camcorder I chose is a JVC MZ MG 50 hard drive model that allows me to record 7 hrs at its highest recording quality.
Its similar quality in terms of video to the Sony as it records in Mpeg 2.
Not quite up there with dv in terms of pq but if you want long record times as I do in a lightweight camcorder then its an option to consider.
As I use it mostly in car I have it connected via an inverter which is plugged in via a 12v socket in the boot so its neat and tidy.
By the way I was talking to some one a few weeks ago who has the Sony dvd camcorder and he was happy with it for his needs.
And that is the nub of it if it fulfills your requirements thats ok.
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