Sony DVD Recorders Problems reading dubs on a PC


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I have a Sony DVD recorder RDR-HX510. I have made some recordings with it, dubbed them onto a DVD disc, but my PC won't play them. I have Windows media player on my PC. Do I need another piece of software?

Many thanks in advance for all help.


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Sometimes nothing, sometimes the PC crashes. The PC is an HP from about 2005/6, but the dubbed discss won't play on the newer Dells we have at work, either. The discs will play on the DVD. Click on the properties command on the PC and it shows the disc as full.


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Assuming you are running XP ( a guess based on the pc's age ) ....

Unless you have added an mpeg2 codec ( either manually or installed PowerDVD or similar), Media Player won't be able to play the DVD.

If you don't mind using another piece of software, a no-cost option would be to try VLC

VideoLAN - VLC media player - Open Source Multimedia Framework and Player

If the disk are authored/finialised correctly ( and it sound like it is ), this should work.....


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WMP is rubbish usually when it comes to anything that's either not perfect or Windows don't licence.

Try VLC as above.

If you want to check it's a real DVD (ie it's not faulty) try ripping it (ie just opening the folders) with DVDShrink DVDShrink has many uses but that's one of the best because it's allow you to also dump the entire DVD (if it opens) on to your PC etc.

Also, you say "DVD" what exactly do you mean? +R? -R? -RW? +RW? Sony's DVD recordables (DVD+R/W) were not -until very recently- official DVDs as they were a bastardised format which caused problems in many ROM drives and standalones. This may also be the route of the problem.

See what Shrink has to say.

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