Sony DVD player: Have you had this problem too?


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I have a Sony QS range DVD player, I forget the model.

I have two problems:

No.1 - when the signal is RGB it will occasionally flick between my AV channels on my Sony TV, mainly when on the top menu of a DVD. It will not do this when the source is set to video.

No.2 - More often than not, the DVD will pause half-way through playing for a very brief moment.

Has anybody else experienced this problem, how did you deal with it?



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You've got a bit of reading to do!! :D

In short though, there is a problem that the voltages coming out of the scart socket are not to specification, resulting in the switching between AV channels. Sony were modifying this by shorting the two relevant pins I think but this removes the functionality altogether. If memory serves me correct, other batches appeared without the problem once Sony got their act together. I have a Toshiba 28Z05B so I don't know if I have the problem with my NS900 but if I did I probably wouldn't be bothered with it!

Contact your local Sony dealer/repair centre etc etc.

2. This is normal. The laser "thing-a-me-jig" has to move from one layer of the disc to the other for dual layered discs. Some players are better than others in dealing with this. Saying this some DVD manufacturers are better than others as to where the layer change gets placed in the middle of the film!

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