Sony DVD Player for -£200



I currently use my PS2:rolleyes: for my DVD's and I am upgrading the rest of my HC system. Its all Sony except mission speakers (i like to keep it all the same if i can;) ) and I have very little cash left. Is there any Sony DVD player thats worth getting for under £200? RS are doing the Sony DVPNS-700 for £149 but am i better waiting and getting a better model. Its to go with a 1080 Amp and a FS76 36" TV.


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The NS700 is a great machine @£149.

If you want to stick with Sony you definitely won't do better for that sort of money. I seem to remember reading that they were doing the NS900 a short while ago for £199?? Not sure if they still are though. If you do a search under this forum for either of the 2 you'll get a whole load of info/opinions on them so if you want to get an idea of what people think that'll probably be your best bet.

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I have the Sony DVP-NS300 and it's excellent. You can pick up a multregion DVP-NS305 now for about £110-£120, so if money's really tight you can't go much wrong there. If I recall correctly, even now sell a multi-region version of this player!


I have the 700 and for the money there is nothing to touch it IMHO. CD replay is even acceptable (sort of). SACD is great as a bonus although this is not a great implementation of it.

It's a great player and I guess the 705 is as good if not better.



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The 705, unlike the older 700, doesn't have twin scart sockets and RGB pass through. I wonder what other corners they had cut with the new player.

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