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    Sony DVD Player - DVP S360 :confused:

    Newbie!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

    While calibrating this Sony DVP S360 for the C 13:00 "No DISK ERROR", I have totally messes it up, now none of my DVD can be played.

    I would appreciate it very much if someone who has this kind of Sony Model to send me the Drive settings (original settings).

    These settings can be accessed through the Remote control while on standby power,(by pressing power off on remote) then by pressing title, clear, power keys in this order. Choose # 2 Drive Manual operation.
    The settings will be displayed for 1)Disk type 2) Servo Control 3) Track/layer Jump 4) Manual Adjustment 5) Auto Adjustment 6)Memory Check 0) Disc check memory.

    OR if someone has a way to reset this player to its original settings.
    Sony is not helpfull

    Thanking you in advance

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