SONY DS3100 Wireless Digital Headphones


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Hi All

I need some help, I have just bought a set of these, i have followed all thei nstructions and i cannot get the balsted thigns to work.

My set up is as follows

I have pioneer 737 dvd going via digital coax into a denon 3803 amp,
the head phones come with a tosh link, i have connected this to the optical 4 out on the back of the amp, there is no red light coming out of the lead, i also removed the rubber bung from the optical 5 out on the back of the amp and there is no red light being transmitted, i have gone through all the set up menu on the amp and i cannot see where (if it has to be) you activate the digital out,

can anyone whoe has or who knows tell me what i am doing wrong

Many thanks in advance



I myself bought a pair of these and although I seem to have had more luck than you in that I actually got some sound out, I found them to be terrible. There was a high level background hiss present whatever I was listening to. Before I bought I checked the web and there were some favourable reviews so I am assuming mine were a duff pair. They also seemed very bass light.

I decided to cut my losses and swapped them for some Grado SR80's. Granted there is no Surround sound stuff but at least they function as terrific headphones. I noticed on another thread the Dolby Headphone feature in PowerDVD which I hadnt heard of before. Will investigate this since I am primarily using the headphones for DVD viewing of films on a PC or listening to iTunes
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