sony drc and progressive scan dvds



I have a sony KP-57WV600, and I'm considering getting a new progressive scan DVD player.

1. Will I see an improvement in the new dvd player?
2. Are there certain features or models that I should more stronly consider?

Carefull, don't confuse progressive scan with Sony's DRC - they are not the same!

To benefit from true progressive scan (output by the player) you need a compatible display devide with a dedicated progressive scan input, usually via YUV (component) connections.
Typically plasmas and projectors or HDTV sets support progressive scan, as do HTPCs.

DRC can be applied to any source (TV tuner or video inputs) but is not truly progressive actually, just a clever algorithm which interpolates additional information and thus increases resolution.
The effect is similar to progressive scan as the scanning lines disappear.

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