Sony DH820 and LG47lw550


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Hi, wonder if anyone help please, I recently bought a Sony Dh820, and a lg47lw550, running Energy take classic 5.1 speakers, here is my query.
I was wondering does the sky remote control the volume on my av, or does it control the volume on the tv, reason I ask is that I have the same setup with a Sony tv and the theatre system works well in that the sky remote can change the volume on my av without the need of a couple of remotes etc, Would hate to think I would need two remotes, or a one for all remote as I live in a house with technophobes, if it doesn't work ie sky remote control volume on av can anyone recommend a solution to same. Thanks in advance r


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Hi Dude859,
I have just bought a Sony STR-DH820 and also have just upgraded to Sky+HD
I am no expert but have just got things working pretty much as I want.

What I can tell you is the the Sky+ remote does control the volume on my DH820.

The Sky box is branded "Sky", but from the model number it appears to an Amstrad. The engineer who installed it may have put the code in the Sky remote for the amp, it also will control the volume on my Sony TV
(until I disabled it on the TV).

What I can't do is get the DH820 remote to control my Sky box!

Hope this helps.


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I struggled at first with the remotes for both the Sony DH820 and the Sky box changing the volume on the TV and the Amp at the same time, not good!

However in the settings on my Sony Bravia TV there is an option to select the sound from the TV or the Sound System., I changed it to Sound System. Once this was done, no sound came from the TV speakers, only through the Amp.
I could tell you the exact wording in the setting and how to get there, but since you have an LG it will be different, hopefully you will have an option like that as well.


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Yes it's the theatre synch option on the Sony tv which speaks to the av, that's what I'm hoping the lg has but I doubt as lg and Sony possibly won't communicate that way but thanks


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Hi guys
Can anyone help me with the optical surround sound? I have the optical lead in the sat/catv port and the hdmi cable in the sat/catv port. I've set up the optical in input on the settings. I'm
Still only getting stereo. When I connect the optical to the Tv port it picks up the Dolby surround but obviously no picture. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks
for any advice guys!


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Find the Simplink button on the LG remote, down to Speaker and change from TV speaker to HT speaker then OK.
Bravia-Sync and Simplink are both forms of HDMI-CEC and should interoperate to at least some degree. But, without looking, I'll say both user guides will have a big fat warning about how they can't guarantee compatability with other manufacturers kit.
Pete; thread-hijacking is frowned upon, but I think you need to give more detail about your setup! What kit have you got, and precisely how is it connected? The fact you're talking about optical for surround sound hints you've a brain-damaged sky box, but it's just a hint...


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Great going to try simple link over the weekend hopefully it will work with my system thanks for the info

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