SONY DDWG800 Home Cinema System, Upgrade or Similar unit


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:hiya: Hi I'm brand new to forums so bare with me, but I'm looking into buying a new Home Cinema system to work along side my LG 42LH300 (I know its old unit now ;) ) Sky HD (soon to be up scaled to 3D) and a PS3, I love the sound and look of the Sony DDWG800, it has more than enough inputs for what I'm currently running BUT I cant find it for sale anymore ANYWHERE! :(

Is there a new model Sony have released to replace the DDWG800 or do any other manufacturers have any similar models that will connect to my Sky HD, PS3 and a future Sky 3D? Also would I be better to run through multiple HDMI inputs or Optical inputs?

Its a minefield out there, and I really cant afford to be conned into a system that is more than my needs so :lease: can anyone help me with suggestions for a decent system if the DDWG800 is no longer available?
I'd like to spend under £250 but if £300 or so will get me a super duper fandabbytastic unit that will last through any near future technology upgrades (i.e Digital to HD then HD to 3d and so on) then I guess its worth the extra spend :)
p.s I will be wanting to wall mount the speakers

Thanks for reading this post guys, I look forward to hearing your advice and idea's!
Thanks again,
Stay Free, Stew
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