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I am looking to buy a camcorder to go on safari with. I was looking at the Sony TRV33, but it looks like it's days are numbered. I have been pointed towards the Sony DCRHC40E.

Is it any good? or is there another camera that I should consider?
(My budget is about £600)


You can still get TRV 33. Jessops have some and Amazon did when I looked last - £499.

I looked at the 40 as well and phoned Sony to ask if it was a replacement for the 33 (as I'd been told by a shop). Sony said no but, as it was so new, they couldn't compare the actual spec to see if it was slightly worse or better. Clearly the former was what would have concerned me.


Just bought a HC40 and it's a beauty. At first I was lead to believe that the significant difference was the lack of a video in but according to the manual the AV port is a video in and out, just like the DV port is in/out. Not had an oportunity yet to actualy try it, but if it's in the manual I'm assuming it's true. I'm new to camcorders and only have the knowledge garnered from these forums, a few web sites and from abusing retailers eagerness to show me everything on the promise of a sale ;)
So far so good.


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I've also just purchased a DCRHC40E and agree with peachfuzz - it is a beauty. Not had much chance to play yet (only arrived Tuesday 30th) but so far I'm most impressed. Purchased from for £499 including vat and delivery.

One thing I would mention is the "buzzing" from the motor when recording. It is a little on the noisy side in a quiet environment - I thought it might even be picked up by the speakers. Luckily it isn't, but I thought I might have purchased a faulty camcorder at first. A search on the net suggests this buzzing sound is fairly common on compact models......

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