Sony DCR-TRV19E Lens problem. Its dark!!!


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Hi guys,

I bought a Sony DCR-TRV19E last year for my wedding, and so far i have been happy with it. However recently it has started to play up. Sometimes when i start it up the screen and viewfinder are black (and no i dont have the lens cap on :) ). Sometimes if i switch it off and then switch it back on a few times the picture will come back, sometimes it comes back but as a very dark grey. It doesn't seem as though the lens is broken because sometimes it works absolutely fine, and then 5 minutes later it doesn't, even though i am not touching any of the controls.

Does anyone else know how i could deal with this? Its a problem because i wanted to record my long lost uncle meeting my mum the other day but the damn thing went black on me, only to come back to life a couple minutes later, missing her face as she saw him!!

Also i am a bit of a newbie. I have about 3 mini-DV tapes which i used to record my wedding, but the only way i have been able to transfer them to by compter is in 10 minute slots with the software i was given, and then i have to match it together. So i gave up and recorded it to a VCR tape. What is the best way to transfer it directly to my hard disk on my computer so i can write it to a CD or DVD?

Thanks for any help you guys can give me


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This seems to be the standard "Black screen of death" problem which both Canon & Sony owners have been facing.

If it is, then soon your screen will go blank. You won't be able to record anything but sound.

You need to take it up with Sony. Surely your warranty is over. So, they will quote high repairing charges.

Have a look at an ongoing discussion on Canon at


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Bummer thats annoying, my estimation of Sony has slipped down a notch. I will send them an email and see if i get any response.

What about getting footage off my camera onto disk, whats the best way to do it? Would i be better buying a DVD recorder for the TV and doing it through that? I wouldn't want to really edit it much, just put them on DVD for safekeeping



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