SONY DCR-TRV16 or TRV25 dilemma....

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    Hi everyone,

    Im helping a friend choose a camcorder for her parents.
    Now, Im interested in getting them one of the SONY DCR-TRV range (in particular the TRV25), but, after I purchased a copy of 'WHAT Camcorder' this afternoon, when I looked up the differences between the TRV16 and TRV25 (including the TRV18 as well I guess) i couldnt really think of a good reason to pay that extra for the TRV25. When I say a good reason, I mean....I dont think they would even notice/need the differences there are. They would be using it mainly to record the Grand kids and the occasional special do. They dont know how to use computers, so they won't be using any of them features. All I want to get them is a camcorder that gives great picture and sound, is easy to operate and isnt gonna be out of date and uncompatible for a good know what I mean right? ;)

    The differences I can see between them are (TRV16 / TRV25):
    Focal range: 3. 3-33 / 3. 7-37
    Min Illumination: 5 lux / 7 lux
    AE modes: 6 / 7
    Multimedia card: no / yes
    Firewire Input: no / yes
    Weight: 610g / 640g

    Are these justifiable reasons to buy the TRV25, baring in mind who this is for?
    Are there finer adjustments made between them which make it worth the purchase?
    I really dont mind buying the TRV25 (or suggesting they buy it rather) if it wil be worth it in the long run

    Thanks for reading this guys, I would so much appreciate any (ANY!) advice you can give me.


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