Sony DCR-PC105 or 109???



I have decided to buy a miniDV cam and narrowed it down to Sony, but was confused between DCR PC 105 and 109. 109 although newer than 105 has been downgraded, or so it appears from the research that I have done on it.

The docking station is "the highlight" for 109. The downgrading of CCD and pixel count and the LCD screen resolution being halved (109 has half that of 105) to get a docking station accomodated for the same price almost. Is it worth it????? Also there is no built in flash in 109. From what I read from various sources (and there are not many comparing these two models), the opinion is divided about these two cams. Some go in for 109 just because that is newer technology while others say 105 is better. So am confused in 2004. Please help and enlighten me!!

Also, I noticed that Sony is coming out with newer models that are although smaller in size but the specs are lower than the previous generation ones. Talk about evolution!!!!!!!


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I've mulled over this too, and have decided to get the 105. It seems that Sony have reduced the quality of the new models. Plus their claims of 'true' widescreen aren't quite accurate. From what i've read about the HC 40 it seems that its not anamorphic widescreen, just letterbox widescreen.


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Hi guys I actually own a pc105 and as a dv cam it is pretty damn good but has the usual not to good in lowlight. I wouldnt rate the still photo taking as much to rave about either, without the flash indoors i would say pictures are quit iffy so the 109 must take iffy stills as well (indoors) if it has no flash built in. i use a sony dsc-w1 for still shots. Camcorders i think are really for movies not stills. hope this helps


From what I can see of the new Sony camcorders they do tend to be a bit smaller with a fair bit lower quality.
The new(ish) updated model of my camcorder has the new features such as bluetooth & USB streaming which are of zero interest to me as all I am after is the best possible picture & sound quality for my money. I also think that a docking station is really just a gimick and certainly not worth paying more money for or loosing PQ. After all the only connection to a PC that I see you needing is firewire to transfer the video. So its just the 1 data and 1 power connection that you need to make, hardly a major hassle compared to sitting the cam on a cradle is it!!!

I'm not currently looking for a new cam, but if I were I would be looking for a better deal on an old model rather than pay more for a new model with all the whistles and bells but lower quality.



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Hmmm seems TRV33 and PC105 were the high points then!
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