Sony DCR-PC101 or JVC GR-DVP7???



Hi, I’m in the market for a camcorder and have been looking in the xmas sales and web. Can someone give advice as to which camera I should purchase? Best value Ive seen is the JVC and the Sony. The Sony is around £850 and the JVC is about £700 (both retail around £1100).
I like the portability and the size of the JVC but sales people tell me that the JVC suffers from being too small and lens quality is compromised yet I have read very good reviews for this model and its won a best buy award (while priced at £1100). The same magazine had disappointing reviews for the Sony although sales people I’ve spoken to always suggest the Sony (although they don’t really seem too knowledgeable, more interested in the sale)

Which camera would be the better one to get for picture quality and features and ease of use etc? Not really into high quality movie making but would like best picture for money (not too interested in the digital effects etc). I also like the fact that both can take stills and both have DV in and out but.

Thanks in advance
Get the Sony. I bought one before Christmas and it is a fantastic camcorder.

Most reviewers agree. I should know I had been reading reviews and waiting to purchase for nearly 2 years!

I also bought a magazine that didn't recommend it, but whoever wrote the reviews obviously had no idea what they were talking about as there were mistakes everywhere (including a picture of the Sony on a review of a Canon camcorder!)

I also have the webcam working which is great. sent the camcorder in 2 days just before Xmas for £799 including delivery, with no problems whatsoever.

Happy shopping.


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I have just ordered the JVC from John lewis they price match anywhere and give a 2 year guarantee. so I was hoping everyone would recommend it.

(I had them price match RGB £699.99 so if you know of anywhere cheaper let me know).

Good luck


funny that i in August/September last year I was lookind at the pc 101 and the jvc dvp7.

The Jvc is definately smaller, but also the standard battery life is crap. Its standard life is 1 hour and when u use the lcd screen this halfs it to 30 mins

the sony has a standard battery life of 2 hours and with the lcd screen this halfs to 1 hour. also it has a carl zeiss lense (suposedly better)

Anyway I got this from Jessops who were very helpful, also I bought it(pc101) for £899 back then

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