Sony DCR-HC35 Vs. Sony DCR-HC44




I have narrowed my search for a first time cam down to these 2 Sony models -

Sony DCR-HC35 & Sony DCR-HC44

From comparing these 2 models i cant see what would warrant a £60 price jump for the HC44. The HC35 has the better optical zoom, but the HC44 has a slightly larger LCD and take slightly better quality still photos (a feature which i am not too fussed about). Is there anything else i am missing that makes the HC44 a better camera??

As my main use will be for family stuff / holidays and the odd surfing trip would these two both produce the same results PQ wise?

At the moment i am leaning more towards the HC35.

Thanks for your help. :thumbsup:


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I have decieded to get the HC35, however i was wondering whats the best battery to get to go along with this camera

Ive heard the battery that comes with it dosn't last that long, and also if i buy a new battery do i need a charger for it ?


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The camcorder takes a "P series" battery. It comes with a NP-FP30 which gives about 45 minutes "typical recording" (turning it off and on over a period of time). NP-FP50 is 65 mins, NP-FP71 165, NP-FP90 250 mins. Note that the 71 and 90 are physically bigger than the 30 or 50, so it is a matter of preference - on such a small camcorder a 90 battery will add significant weight.

You can charge the batteries on the camcorder, but a charger is useful.

You can choose between genuine Sony batteries (more expensive) or various generic models.


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thanks for your help,

i have been looking for a couple of days now and was wondering if you can reccomend any online shops i can purchase these batteries from.
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