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Hi, I posted this same question a good while back - so long ago the thread is now locked !

I have about 5 years of precious family memories stored away on a good few tapes using the above model and wondered if anyone could point me in the right dierection with a few Q's.

1. I have lost the cable to view the tapes. I have a projector and Denon amp. What type of cable should I buy to enable us to view them.

2. Is it recommended to convert the tapes to DVD or store electronically? If so what is the best (simplest) way to edit and convert.

3. I am thinking of upgrading (especially if the quality on viewing isnt the best). Any rough guide as to a decent replacment. (i.e. a novices plug and play camcorder for me and the family to use).

I bought the lead someone suggest in my last message about this but it doesn't fit the camcorder. Can anyone suggest the lead I need?

Again same question, re upgrading. Think I will upgrade to HD regardless of how I think the pic looks once I get the correct cable for the existing camcorder.

Any suggestions for a suitable model? It will be used for capturing family moment of my young kids, doesn't need anything in way of fancy zoom lenses paparazzi style but want decent quality film. Also decent in poor light conditions as the north of Scotland in winter sometimes isnt the best of lighting terms of budget i would spend as much (or preferably as little) as possible to get something decent.

Many thanks in advance,

M Stewart

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If necessary download the manual from the Sony Support website.

To show your tapes on a TV or via a projector you need a suitable AV cable. I'm aware of two different interfaces at the camera end.
(a) Jack with tip and 3 sleeves at the camera end, with red, white & yellow phono plugs at the other. Sony & Canon use the same connections, whilst Panasonic is different. Available from Maplins - make sure you get the correct type. The circular camera socket is often indicated with a thin yellow surround.
(b) Small half-circle connector (special to Sony?) at the camera end, with red, white & yellow phono plugs at the other. As far as I know, this is a special, and you may need to pay Sony prices from a Sony Shop. Perhaps from ebay?

This is easier as all you need is a standard Firewire lead from your computer to the camcorder. Probably 6 pins at the computer end, and a smaller 4 pin connector at the camcorder end. Maplins sell them.

The other option is to buy another (used) Mini DV camcorder complete with all leads. Mini DV is a standard and I have no difficulty playing "foreign" tapes on my Sony camcorders.

I use VideoStudio for making DVDs, but keep all my tapes.

Hope this gets you started.

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