Sony DCR-HC14 Vs Samsung VP102

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    I'm looking for a bit of advice on choosing between the above 2 camcorder models. I've been into Currys and had a shot on both and the Samsung feels nicer, mainly because it's lighter. The optical zoom is also better than the Sony (20x vs 10x), but I'm not sure how important that is; 10x still sems quite a lot. The Sony also has a widescreen mode, but this apparantly causes loss of resolution.

    My conclusion from this is that the Samsung is better, but what I wish to know is how the lens on the cameras compare, as if the Sony's is far superior then it might swing it in Sony's direction. If anyone with experience with either model I would appreciate their advice :)

    The chap in Currys also mentioned that it was possible to buy a device to film Cines on camcorders, by the use if a mini screen which the camcorder would be attached to and advised me I could get it in Jessops, but i see nothing like this on their website. From other threads here I know you can film directly to a normal screen, but I don't have a screen or suitable wall, so if such a device exists it would be very useful!

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