Sony DB790 User Friendly?


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I started another thread about the great reviews the 790 was getting, but amongst the responses was a statement that the interface was a pig to use. Does anybody have any feelings about this or for that matter any other receiver. I'm looking to get a receiver to work with all my other gear which is Sony (DVD, VCR, MD) and Philips (TV). Does the supplied handset for the 790/2000 work any other gear apart from the receiver?

many thanks, Cookie

Ed Selley

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That was me- I was doing a comparison of the 790 against a number of other amps and it was a by a clear margin the hardest to fathom. Once it was going it was a good sounding unit though. I am a Marantz and Yamaha fan primarily but will concede the Sony spec is a cracker for the money. I simply hated having to second guess the controls (several knobs with no discernable pattern of use) and the fact the display is big without being very legible.
Just my thoughts though :)


Yes I agree the setup is not very intuitive when you first use it.
But I'm now very at easy with it.

Yes the Remote does control other equipment. You can enter codes for different manufacturers components. Again, the instructions aren't the simplest.

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