Sony DB1080 Replacement


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Thinking about upgrading some old equipment at the moment.

ie. Epson TW5300 PJ to replace ancient unused Panny Ae900
3D capable Kodi Media player to replace older underpowered player.
Harmony Ultimate One or Hub to replace non activity based simple Harmony 300

The subject of this thread is a possible Amp/Receiver upgrade from a Sony DB1080. While I have no real interest in the HD Multi-channel audio formats and vanilla DPL2/DD/DTS 5.1 is fine, I am leaning towards a new receiver more because of the integrated HDMI matrix switcher functionality. I was thinking about saving money and just getting a standalone matrix 4x2 switcher to run alongside my non HDMI/Optical only DB1080 but then I realised that one of the devices I'd want to connect has no optical out. I also remember the headaches programming separate audio and video through different devices in Harmony activities and the pain in the rear when IR signals would be missed and audio/video sources outputs etc would go out of sync. Nothing that I couldn't diagnose and correct myself but none of the other family could and I'd hear my name called through the house until the point came that people just stopped using the devices or functionality for fear that they'd need to bother me. That line of thought then started to steer me back towards biting the bullet and getting a new receiver with 4x2 HDMI matrix switching built in so the above cannot happen and makes the operation of the overall system more 'idiotproof' :D

So how much will I need to spend for a Receiver with 4x2 HDMI switching with power output similar to the DB1080. Think the figures for that were 100w x5 @8ohm. Recommendations??


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Worth having a look at the SONY DN860 with 5 HDMI input, has HDCP2.2 and HDMI2.0 so you're good to go with 4K TV. Just bought a ROKU4 and that works via the AMP to give me NETFLIX at 2160. Its bigger brother STR-DN1060 has 2 HDMI outputs ...around the £400 mark


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Sorry, should have mentioned that 2 hdmi outputs was an absolute must. PJ and TV. The reason I'm also looking at the Harmony hub or Ultimate One is to integrate activity based control for the less tenhnically minded in the house.

ie. Watch Sky Sports Hd on Projector (HD channel icons appear on remote screen) (Surround Sound)

Watch KODI TV show on TV (TV Sound)

Watch KODI Movie on PJ (surround Sound)

Etc etc

So it looks like the 1060 is one I should be looking at. I'm not wedded to Sony btw

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